Clean before first use

The silicone set is made of high-quality silicone. Silicone is a natural material but it is necessary to do a completely clean before first use.

Clean by the water then disinfect in the steam about 10 minutes to release residual smells.

How the bowl works?

Deep sides for easy scooping and strong suction base that will adhere to most surfaces. Made of bacteria resistant, food grade silicone.

How to use the bowl?

For a perfect and sturdy suction, press the base of the suction bowl down (where the divider is located). For release, simply lift and pull the tab sticking out at the base of the suction bowl.

How to take care for the spoon?

The spoon has a wooden handle, hence it requires extra care. Avoid submerging into water. After simple cleaning with water, allow to air dry.

We recommend applying little cooking oil regularly for the wooden handle.